TCCC Information

Collision Center Benefits

Download our latest program brochure below for details on the program benefits.

Benefit Video

Watch this video for an overview of what the program can do for your organization.

Program Eligibility

Eligible collision centers must have at least 15% ownership of the collision center by a Toyota Dealer, and be within the Toyota Dealer’s PMA.

It is admissible for a Collision Center to be within the PMA of a different Toyota Dealership if written consent is received from said Dealer.

Certification Requirements

Eligible collision centers who begin the program will need to meet or exceed the requirements in the document below in order to become a Toyota Certified Collision Center.

Program Cost

The program costs are related to the annual certification visit to your location where the certification process will take place.

Visit Type
$6,500 – Initial Certification Visit
$5,500 – Re-Certification Visit

Join The Program

Download, fill out, and submit the paperwork below to your District Service and Parts Manager (DSPM).

If you do not know who your DSPM contact is, ask your Toyota Dealership service or parts manager for DSPM contact info.